We are looking for distributors in Canada, South Africa, Kenya, Cameroon, and the Philippines

Avanzo presents its Office 2013 courses in English

Once the production of Office courses in several languages is completed, we are looking for partners who want to commercialize them in markets where we don’t have a direct presence. Therefore, we are looking for partners in Canada, South Africa, Kenya, Cameroon and the Philippines

What do we offer?

• Excellent e-learning courses developed rigorously according to a methodology that has allowed us to sell more than 2 million individual licenses.

• Unbeatable conditions of product distribution.

• Technical and commercial support

• Exclusivity in the territory

What are we looking for?

• A company in the training/elearning/technology sector, with a large commercial sales channel and an excellent portfolio of clients interested in technological courses. Contact us using this form.

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About Avanzo and the Office 2013 courses

At Avanzo we are dedicated to developing and implementing e-learning solutions designed for companies and, above all, for people. That’s why we are presenting the new Office 2013 courses for our e-Learning courses standard catalog.

Since our first Office courses, we have always differentiated ourselves from other products by our methodology based on working with the actual application, ie, practicing what is learned in the course itself, exercising on the application that is the object of the training, what it is call «Learning by doing«. The results of our students, support this work methodology and encourage us to continue to support it for the development of the new Office 2013 courses.

The new courses available are:

What’s new in Office 2013 courses

• We have developed 5 different courses, one for each application (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and PowerPoint).

• 1 hour each, in which you can see the novelties and notable differences of the new version compared to the Office 2010 version.

• This course is recommended for all users who, already being users of the Office suite in previous versions, want to develop the potential of the new version.

Office 2013 Package

• Complete monographic courses for each of the applications (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and PowerPoint).

• Duration between 10 and 20 hours for each of the courses.

• Already available in the Avanzo catalog.

If you want to see a demo of these courses, click here.  

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